How to Know if A Roulette System Will Fail – Without Purchasing It

Dear fans of roulette,

I thought almost all systems to win almost every principle of always trying to roulette. Save time and money by avoiding the systems that did not work.

Virtually all manufacturers claim that their system is a long term winner, but virtually all systems fail in the long term. So how do you know the truth on any system without having to actually buy?

… Roulette for the understanding and the only legitimate principles that make it unbeatable in the long run. Once you understand the basics, you can eliminate most of the systems, the risk to ensure, without fail, be it a penny.

This page is to avoid wasting money on systems that do not, literally, and can not work. Understand that I bought, development and testing of systems to play in more than a decade. And my job was not just occasionally. It was a solid job – often every day of the week. You can choose to follow my advice.

Many system vendors to access unfair means to discredit their rivals incredible when it comes to increasing sales of their own systems. They know that their system is not what they say and intentionally deceive buyers, so why would not they lie about their competitors?

Dishonest sellers often post demonstrably false and malicious system in a variety of names and spreading false rumors in the forums.

Often, the lies are made to appear that they are people who bought a system – is ultimately the best way to lure buyers of the system. Also, remember that the player has a confidentiality agreement is not in my system with any other person without the written consent of myself to discuss the facts – this is a forward purchase. If you ask me about the rumors, do not expect me to answer garbage – you choose to believe what you want. The best way to know if a system vendor says the system is to ask, is that the seller the right questions of the system, then the judge theirresponse.

I do not want to be part of the will smear the child among system vendors, I can not identify a particular system or its suppliers. Please do not ask me about other systems or its suppliers.

Instead, I will post the following to your attention, then you can decide:

The edge of Statistics in a game (house edge) to overcome and win in the long term, it should be able to predict the results with sufficient accuracy. Therefore, and with roulette, then the method to determine where the ball will next be specific enough to overcome the house edge. One need not be precise at every turn – only a number of moves. Most systems are based on the progression of Paris or predict any trends.

Statistically significant increase is guaranteed to Paris without the Parisians not a table – this is common knowledge among professional players. The word “professional” counts for something. Either way you look, you can not just a casino game, so the house edge is crowned.

And to do with roulette, you have to anticipate where the ball landed with sufficient precision. And how can you expect? Now, consider first what is your prediction? . . . where the marker on the roulette table in Paris, where the ball will end up attached to the bike?

The answer is both, but in view of the table of Paris is only a “fuzzy” representation of the wheel, where you think you should focus your attention – the wheel, or the table of Paris? Yes, of course, the table is easier … But if you focus on the table in Paris instead of the wheel (which has), you are guaranteed to lose.

Do you understand the first issue of the wheel are scattered, when, before having to decipher an address. Then the table is coded in Paris and the casino does not know if you concentrate on the table, which is certainly going to lose.

Use external systems to Paris (as well as dozens, columns and red / black), you can literally do not win in the long term. No matter what system you have!

Why? Because Paris does not represent the outer wheel in a way that allows you to select segments of the wheel. An expanded representation of the coding segments or the wheel. And if the scattered pieces of the wheel cover is absolutely impossible to overcome the house edge. For example, red is on the table, the second case in Paris. No matter how you bet, so the progression or strategy you use, not red and black are the real faces of the wheel, so try either black or red, failure is guaranteed.

A system that exceeds the house edge, does not require any increase in Paris to produce a long-term benefits. If a system requires that the progression and you can not win in the long term, with only flat structures will be lost over time, guaranteed.

If a seller claims that the system gains against its random number generators of the system, they are lying! It is absolutely impossible. For each casino game to be beatable, you should be able to the results with sufficient accuracy to predict in order to overcome the house edge. And the information that you believe a random number generator that gives you any sort of accuracy? NONE. I’m so convinced that the $ 100,000 reward offered to show me a system that turns 1,000,0000 wins against randomly generated numbers. I know the random number generators are easier to prove, but I assure you will not be beaten! You can beat Real roulette.

Among the hundreds of systems I have worked with the exception of only two in the long run. And not surprisingly, the two were in a real roulette wheel.

If you are not able to verify a casino game, have been beaten, then you probably can not be beat. I mean the real test, not just a word or a rumor.

You’ve probably heard of card counters – but do not make millions because they are easy to overcome the house edge. But you can read people who have made millions with roulette. Even if computers are used, at least it is new and verifiable. Links to news articles are on my side,

To do anything, think. “? The European wheel, the ball lands on 0 before landing, what were the chances of landing at 0”, are, of course, a mathematician, “1-37”. Do you think this is correct, or is there something more to say, however, that the dimensions? You may think – at random, or cause and effect? Predictable or unpredictable?

Ask the system vendor, the following questions:

P. Does your system in the long run with all the online casinos, including those used at random to win? Are you going to overcome the house edge?

Before you ask, wants to focus on long-term benefit for all online casinos. If they say, is that your system is, they are either outright lying, or simply have no idea what they are talking about. Like it or not, a long-term winner for all online casinos simply do not and can not do.

P. What exactly the principles of the system to overcome the casino edge?

If they can not explain the exact principles, or give vague explanations of how they discovered a secret that they are more likely to lie. No matter what fashion is or what their demands if they can not explain, do not trust them.

P. If two players have the same system that was playing at the same table, would do exactly the same in Paris?

Some systems require speculation as to whether the system really works can not be proven.

P. Does your system, use the entire history of Paris?

Progression systems, the illusion that the short-term work for them, but unless they struck first, the house edge, which fail in the long run, either because finally exploit its funds, or reaching the maximum bet of the table.

P. Does your system requires me to have to do something if I am?

Regardless of whether or not to be terminated if it is good advice does not the point. If you leave in place a system that is not. It’s something that with a winning strategy in the short term, or if you play for fun. With a system that exceeds the house edge, the more you play, the more you earn. It may sound like good advice, if you’re on top, but the casino does not ask you to let you know if you’ve lost a lot … because they know that if you can not beat the house edge, which continue to lose.

Other points to consider when buying a system:

Why the system is sold?

Are there real reasons to sell?

You can see who is the manufacturer’s system?

Do you have something like banking information, and is located in a country where laws are modern (mostly English speaking countries)?

Hold down the country and the Bahamas.

The UK, USA and Australia are more attentive to the prosecution of fraudsters.

Testimonials are very light and very often false. And even if real, are usually only short term benefits, such as “I have $ 1,000 my first trip!”

Refund guarantees are overrated – they are there to convince people to buy more, but actually asks his money, does not mean that you get it back. Maybe an excuse rather than a refund, is what the scammers do very well. Most systems with loss, “30-day unconditional guarantees” to come.